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Pollination of our -food- supply is threatened, because throughout the past several years, the honey bees have been disappearing from hives, leaving queens, honey and larva behind! Few dead bees remain, mostly abandoned hives: colony collapse.

You’ll find plenty of research and speculation. But solutions are not easy to find. CCD News map


We must take action now, however. PollinateThis! calls for immediate federal emergency spending (FEMA, USDA) to give the U.S. beekeepers, both commercial and other, financial relief for losses. This small community (beekeepers) is mission critical to the survival of our economy. We cannot let them go out of business. They need the same relief and benefits that other -subsidized- industries and farmers receive! If we pay farmers in this country -not- to farm, then we can pay beekeepers to exist. We further call upon FEMA and the U.S. president to redirect money allocated for the “War on Terror” directly toward establishment of emergency beekeeper training in the U.S. for veterans and returning soldiers. We may not have enough bees to sustain -our own food-, and we cannot rely on imports from China! Can you imagine the potential for reckless poisoning from tainted foods? They don’t have an EPA in China and that’s why their bees disappeared and they are hand-pollinating pears (pesticides)! “Homeland” defense must now include sustaining and nurturing our honey bees, because our lives depend on it. Immediate relief for beekeeper losses can come in the form of compensation for educational services provided to returning vets to learn beekeeping. These are our bold recommendations. THIS IS NOT A DRILL! 2008 is the year to prevent catastrophe! Beekeeping and PTSD probably go together pretty well, too.

I don’t have post trauma, but I’ll be blogging here about my experience becoming a beekeeper in a time when it doesn’t look profitable or healthy. But that’s what I think we need to do – pay more attention and nurture our relationship with this amazing, beautiful, female BEEing.

- PollinateThis!
January 22, 2008
San Francisco, CA

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