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Saturday, May 02nd, 2009 | Author:

Ok. I’m finally done laughing at my headline. I came across the GrowBetterVeggies gardening blog while looking for bulbing fennel advice. Turns out to be a gardening resource worth pollinating! Not only does she prep her tomato transplant holes with fish heads, she’s got a beekeeping class. There’s a lot more: compost-heated greenhouse and essays from her gardening students, really nice stories. (I can’t blog too much here about the regenerative revival in organic farming, the Greenhorns as some call them.) Also, if you want to see a well-monetized blog, this is it. (Sheesh) The photos and instruction are grade A. It’s really a fantastic example of a well-purposed blog for a farm-to-restaurant business that in effect showcases their legacy. Cynthia Sandberg gets to be my mentor in the garden! Thanks. -DNR

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