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I started this blog in 2008 and at the time, I had a vision for how beekeeping should be used as a rehabilitative activity for veterans returning shellshocked and struggling with PTSD from the treasonous invasion zones into which they were sent.  Naturally, not all veterans share my opinions about the invasion of Afghanistan or Iraq, Panama or Nicaragua, Yemin or Palestine…. but one simply cannot brush the subject under the rug without declaring an opinion, as that itself is disrepectful to ourselves and the war veterans among us. The suicide rate among veterans is unconscionable and OUR RESPONSIBILITY.

To my joy this morning, I happened across a photo while randomly looking at poisonous weed photos on Flickr and found my vision realized, to some degree. Though not overtly a rehab device, active military members are learning beekeeping, and this, I believe, will likely have the desired affect that beekeeping has on many men. The affect is different for women, I would argue. Seems like the idea is to make well-rounded people in the military so they’re more prepared and useful for long-term re-building of places that are bombed to backwater first… that’s the cynical perspective. Another view would be investing in military personnel to be better citizens prepared for deployment to rebuild crumbling America… woops… still cynical (or is that realist?)

None-the-less, I hope that this training brings beekeeping one step closer to the struggling veterans, and that these active military personnel reach out to teach those isolated veterans the magic of keeping these amazing creatures healthy, happy, productive and always in relationship with us. Kudos to the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture and Col. Richard Sele, commander of the Army Reserve’s 431st Civil Affairs Battalion.

Never give up. Thoughts Are Things.

431st Civil Affairs Battalion Learns Beekeeping