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Feral Honey from LA

I love it when other people express for me what I want to share, especially on video. I wish my blog was more of a daily-life-of-a-beekeeper story, but it’s not. Mr. “Kirkobeeo” in Los Angeles, CA, however, is doing just that with a well-tooled web log of his natural, “organic” beekeeping practices. Unbashfully declaring that “we’re going to change the world,” his blog includes fantastic, well-edited videos of his adventures catching swarms in L.A. of all places, promoting urban beekeeping. He even posts these beautiful short audio reports, it’s like listening to messages from him on your telephone voicemail. You’ll learn a lot quick by reading http://beehuman.blogspot.com. Kirk is a beautful soul, who deserves well-paid tenure at Earth University. May he be rewarded for his tireless efforts! It is written. -DNR

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    you’re so right about how great the backwards beekeepers blog is … the videos and phone calls are indeed fantastic, the writing is smart, and kirk is almost unbearably charming. i’m not a member, but i sure do enjoy reading!

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    Hey there –

    Thanks for the kind words about our blog!

    Your site is great and we linked to it from ours.


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