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Fox News gets some points for actually interviewing a beekeeper about the current pollinator crisis and dedicating five minutes to it, with a cute studio backdrop with props and all (you go, David Burns!)… My question to Fox News host, Neil Cavuto, “if the Corn (syrup) industry can get paid NOT to grow corn in U.S. through the subsidy programs for decades, and the obscene pork riders can go unchecked, unreported, unchallenged during the Republican Congressional bills for your War, etc, isn’t it obtuse to challenge the nation’s beekeepers in their attempt to find financial relief along with Wall Street and Detroit?!” Beekeepers literally put food on your table! Oil Industry/U.S. automakers flew in private jets to D.C. to get a giant taxpayer handout for actually failing to produce a product that meets modern needs (sustainability, fuel efficiency, etc.). $150 million is a drop in the bucket to protect the food supply.

Thank you, for creating the dialog, Fox News. However, you supported giant government for the War Industry for 8 years, plus. You can’t backpedal now when a truly important industry needs 100% bailout relief and subsidy. Cavuto, taxpayers should fund and are happy to fund beekeepers because of their role in farming and food. Your free market is a myth, get over it. Let the auto industry collapse and support the industries that we really need: farmers, pollinators and other sustainable enterprises.

The Obama Team should be setting benchmark goals of doubling or tripling the nation’s beekeeper population, which has been dwindling steadily ever since the 1950s’ suburban sprawl of monocultural, agri-chemical food production began spreading here. I’ve suggested in the past that the Veterans’ Administration deploy a program to train returning Vets to become beekeepers! Pay them, train them, redeploy them – in the peaceful fields of the united States. They will heal. They will rediscover the meaning and beauty of being human through nurturing this magical relationship with these insects, and our society needs to heal them to heal us. -DNR


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    Harry Hayfield 

    I actually e-mailed the show when this was reported with the following:

    Neil, on your programme of February 24th 2009, you identified a series of spending plans as pork. These included a $2 million plan to improve astronomy in Hawaii and a $1.7 million plan to study bees. I come from the United Kingdom where since 2007 we have been fighting a condition known as “colony collapse” or more commonly known as “bee hive collapse” where hives that are productive one season suddenly disappear from production. Since 2007, the UK government has spent some £8 / $12 million investigating the cause which if left unchecked could leave British hives unproductive for decades. I happen to know that in Adams County, PA, the first signs of bee hive collapse have been reported already. So Neil, does this mean that you want to see more people lose their jobs in the honey industry or are you quite happy to see the whole American fruit based economy collapse? If so, then yes, bee hive collapse funding is pork, but if it does happen then don’t come running to me when you run out of honey, cider and indeed the occasional apple juice!

    Harry Hayfield, Cardigan County, Wales, United Kingdom

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