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I had the extreme pleasure to receive distinguished visitors straight outta the Big Apple to inspect my beekeeping operation and make sure the girls were not manhandled too badly…. That is to say, we learned a whole bunch together, and I made some great new friends! I only wish we could have played together more and they could have seen the actual day of freeing the bees into their new multi-level highrise condo.

Biologist comes equipped with microscope! Totally adorable Cheejus watches over his flock The smartest sisters in the world Marshmallows? Examining the box

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    Anaya Mateo 

    Hi Ruperd,
    It’s Anaya. Thank you for showing me about the bees I learned alot. After my trip i have been so interested in insects that I am finding out more facts like most boy insects die when they mate with a female insect. For example the black widow kills its mate after they mate. and poisenes sentipeds but slime on there mates and they die. Thank you for the honey. I had a great time and hope to see you again soon.

    From —-Anaya

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    Hey Rupert
    What’s the latest on the beehive you started.
    Are they thriving?


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